• Use these PECS photos to create a swim lesson plan that gives visual support for some or all of a session. Eventually you will want to decrease visual supports when possible.

• Allow options for activities that support the techniques and strategies for you to overcome roadblocks and achieve swim skill benchmarks. Use the First, Then or the Choice card if you need to add breaks for the swimmer.

• Ideas for use can include:

  • Swimmer picks 3 and you pick 3
  • Give swimmer 4-6 cards and let them pick the order for the lesson
  • Use the First then card if you need to use only a couple picture during the lesson
  • There is no “recipe” for what swimmer will benefit from this type of schedule. One good tip is to ask the parent if they communicate or  use the PECS for increase in following directions, transitions or to reduce anxiety

• Non-verbal swimmers, seekers and anxious students may benefit from short term use of this schedule. They can point to the photo, perform the activity and then turn it over to signify it is finished.

• The schedule is to compliment your lesson and often you will need to be flexible to try this technique and determine its value in your lesson and assess the response of the swimmer. If you don’t need it and don’t find it helpful its ok not to use this strategy. Remember you can set up the equipment as a schedule poolside or use an iPad if you want to try other techniques.

• On a case by case basis you may find that you may make a few strips of laminated activities, specifically for a difficult client. (Example – PECs for Dressing)

At Swim Angelfish, we have a visual schedule at each pool as part of our standard equipment.  (if you’d like to see what other equipment we use, click here).  We wanted to offer other aquatic professionals and parents the ability to make their own visual schedules to use at the pool as well.


1. Download the printable (under the supplies to the right) Print out all pages.

2. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut out the PECS Pictures into individual squares.

3. Place the squares in the laminating sheets, leaving at least a quarter inch space between each picture.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  You need that space to create a water-tight seal around each picture.

4. Send through hot laminator (if using hot laminate), press together (if using cold) or go to your local office supply store (like Kinkos or Staples) to have them laminate.

5. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut around each square, leaving a little bit of laminate around each edge.

6. Now you are ready to use your PECS! Once wet, they easily stick to a kick board.

7. Store all laminated PECS pictures inside your MESH BAG OR OPEN BASKET. (Note – do not store in a closed container as they may not dry properly!)



  • 6 – 8.5 x 11 HIGHEST QUALITY laminating sheets
  • 1 – paper cutter or scissors
  • 1 – Kick board to stick PECS to
  • 1 – MESH BATH CONTAINER OR OPEN BASKET – to store laminated PECS
  • Printed PECS pictures (download below)
Download Here

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