Swim Lessons vs Aquatic Therapy

What is the difference between Swim Whisperer® Swim Lessons and Angelfish Aquatic Therapy?

Swim Whisperer® Swim Lessons

  • Provided by specially trained Swim Whisperer® Swim Instructors.

  • Achieving swim skill benchmarks.

  • Independent swimming.

  • Increase comfort with going underwater.

  • Swim stroke progression.

  • Access, identify and implement strategies to overcome the roadblocks to swim success.

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Angelfish Aquatic Therapy

  • Provided by specially trained PT’s and OT ‘s in Aquatic Therapy.

  • Strengthen core muscles.

  • Improve visual motor skills, balance, coordination, motor planning and independence with motor skills.

  • Sensory and reflex integration.

  • Safety and independence in the water as it pertains to therapy goals.

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