Maintaining Your Swim Whisperers® Certification

By maintaining your Swim Whisperers® Certification, you continue to grow through the more advanced levels of information and techniques we offer every year. In order to maintain your Swim Whisperer® Certification, you are required to enroll and complete our continuing education curriculum every year. This ongoing more advanced training comprises a series of Case Studies (Special Splashes) Instruction and Practical Applications that provide you with additional skills to add to your Swim Whisperer® Certified Instructor Toolbox.

You have 60 days to complete the additional requirements for each level, and will have to take and pass the exam to maintain your certification.

By maintaining your certification, you will be able to:

  • Have access to more advanced techniques and strategies to help your special needs swimmers as well as all other swimmers who may be challenged by discomfort, fear, or trauma.
  • Continue marketing yourself as a Swim Whisperer® Certified Instructor.

  • Remain listed in our roster of Swim Whisperer® Certified Instructors.

  • Get additional knowledge and skills to market and grow your business.

  • Extend your eligibility as a member of our Private Learning Facebook Group for ongoing training and support.

Maintain your Swim Whisperer® Certification

Maintaining Your Certification Limited Time Pricing

$225per instructor
  • 25% off the retail $299 per instructor price
  • To enroll you in the correct course, please choose the correct year.