Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-05-28T23:06:12-04:00
Are Your Sessions Private or Group?2020-05-28T23:55:48-04:00

For both aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers, we offer Private, Semi-Private (2 children), or Group (3-4) sessions. Generally, children start with private sessions to establish basic skills, then work their way up to semi-private and group sessions, which offer increased social interaction benefits.

Can I Register Online?2020-05-28T23:55:47-04:00

Currently, you cannot register online, but you can look to see if there are open upcoming sessions in your area and “request” that time slot.

Connecticut & New York Registration Form
Massachusetts & New Hampshire Registration Form

Be aware that a spot my be open for this week, but may not be an open “slot” for multiple weeks. If you have not yet created a profile, please “register” via the form on our aquatic therapy or swim lesson page.

How Do I Contact You with a Billing Question or Issue?2020-05-28T23:55:47-04:00

We are happy to help you with any billing issues you might have. Please make your way over to our Contact page.

How Do I Get Started?2020-05-28T23:55:47-04:00

Fill out a registration form on the swim lesson or aquatic therapy pages and our team will contact you to find a time and instructor that works best for your child.

How Do I Pay?2020-05-28T23:55:47-04:00

Once you register, we ask that you enter a credit card into your account. The system is very secure and once the card is entered, our team does not have access to the account number or information. We will charge your card on file within 24 hours of your service. For Therapy, we will send you a paid invoice at the end of each month with the information you need to submit to insurance (if applicable).

Is Aquatic Therapy Covered Under Health Insurance?2020-05-28T23:55:46-04:00

We are considered an out of network provider. We bill the services as outpatient as either Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy, depending on which therapist provides the treatment. Please check with your insurance provider to determine what if anything is covered. The billing code for individual therapy is 97113.

What is Aquatic Therapy2020-05-28T23:55:46-04:00

Aquatic therapy is performed by specially trained Physical therapists and Occupational therapists. We use the therapeutic properties of the water to enhance our treatment and provide core strengthening, increased flexibility and range of motion, integrate primitive reflexes, improve coordination, improve dynamic balance and promote sensory integration.

What is Swim Whisperers Swim Lessons?2020-06-29T15:39:23-04:00

Swim Whisperers® swim instruction is based on the Swim Angelfish Methodology. Our instructors assess and identify the underlying problem the swimmer is having learning to swim, and then implement the strategies they need to overcome these roadblocks. In short, the goal of Swim Whisperers® is to turn any child into a confident and independent swimmer, no matter their situation or ability.

The  Swim Whisperers® program was specially designed to cater to children with severe to mild sensory issues, problems with motor skills, difficulty processing information, attention issues, or any other condition that might physically or psychologically impede the process of learning to swim. In some cases, the obstacle may be something as simple as a child who is unwilling to put their head under water, or who is terrified to let go of the side of the pool. Our program addresses all kinds and severity of challenges.

What is the Cost of Services?2020-05-28T23:55:46-04:00

Contact our office for more information on pricing. We offer many different types services and prices range based on location, length of appointment and service requested. We also offer package discounts for swim lessons only.

What Types of Instructor Training Do You Offer?2020-05-28T23:55:46-04:00

We offer several types of instructor training. Visit our Therapist Training page for more information about our full-day training workshops for aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers training.