Swim Angelfish

Special Needs Adaptive Swim – Helping YOU become a “Swim Whisperer” too!

Swim Angelfish creates educational resources for the world’s adaptive swim lessons needs and advocates for the necessity of having specifically trained instructors for this growing population.  For 20 years we have provided both free and paid online training materials for all aspects of adaptive aquatics. The Swim Whisperers® methodology stands above the rest by educating instructors not by disability but by roadblocks and easily integrates with any existing swim curricula. By recognizing the underlying problem and using our toolbox of strategies and techniques to overcome them, swimmers of all abilities are able to learn to swim faster and with less discomfort, helping them acquire the lifelong skill of being safe, confident and independent in the water. Through the knowledge gained from our co-founders Cindy & Ailene working as aquatic therapists plus the continuous feedback received from our 20 locations throughout New England that offer both aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers ™ swim lessons, we are able to continuously add new and vital content to our program.

Interested in becoming a Swim Whisperer too? Our family of certified instructors continues to grow across the globe! Find out more about here: Online Certification!

“I am confident of Cindy and Ailene’s intellect, their knowledge, their training, their abilities. But in the world of special needs – or in any area of life where you have big hurdles, what you need less of is a special pedigree and more of an innate attitude of “I believe in you”, “you can do it” and “I will help you succeed.” Cindy and Ailene believed in my son, Angelfish Therapy is at the core foundation of a life filled with success and achievement and a celebration of a life of hurdles… Hurdles that are overcome, one day at a time! With love, appreciation and gratitude larger than ever imagined!”

Julia & Ed H.

Swim Whisperers Swim School

The Swim Whisperers® Swim School provides private swim lessons for children with Autism, Physical Difficulties and sensory challenges.  Specially trained Swim Whisperers® instructors incorporate strategies to help children learn to swim faster and with less discomfort than traditional methods.  These instructors use proven techniques to overcome the 14 most commonly seen universal roadblocks in teaching these children how to swim.  Instructors spend time within each lesson addressing each child’s specific sensory obstacles and fears with proven movement strategies.

“For the first time in his young life, Riley feels comfortable going underwater, and after all our struggles with years of traditional swim lessons, that is a very big deal for Riley and for me. You changed our lives, and I will never forget that …
So, thank you. You are one-in-a-million, and what you have done for Riley will open the world for him in ways we can only imagine at this point.”

Angelfish Therapy

Angelfish Therapy offers private and semi-private 45-minute Aquatic Therapy sessions for children with a wide variety of special needs.  Our licensed PT’s, OT’s and Certified Instructors work to improve each child’s motor skills, core strength, endurance, body awareness, motor planning, coordination and self-regulation. We are out of network providers.

“As a therapist for over 30 years, I have had many students who have participated in the Swim Angelfish® Program with remarkable results. Not only does their coordination for walking improve, but, the coordination for controlled breathing for speech production increases as well. Attention to tasks and endurance for active participation in longer therapy sessions increases the more that they stay with the Angelfish therapists. I highly recommend Angelfish to the parents of my patients and thoroughly enjoy working with Ailene and Cindy whenever I have the opportunity!”
Patricia, E. Joy, M.A., CCC/SLP, C-NDT

Angelfish Education & Training

Swim Angelfish offers continuing education courses and DVD products for therapists and swim professionals wanting to learn more about working with children with a wide variety of special needs.   These tools are being used internationally to help professionals learn important skills to work effectively in the water with children who possess sensory and motor difficulties.