Who is Swim Angelfish?

Swim Angelfish is devoted to helping children of all abilities learn how to swim.   The company, originally founded as an Aquatic Therapy service, has grown to include Swim Lessons, Camps and Training as a direct result of the need to help all children become confident and safe in the water.

Who is Swim Angelfish?

  • Aquatic OT/PT compliments land based therapy to improve motor skills and promote self-regulation
  • Swim lessons for children with Autism, PDD-NOS and sensory discomfort. Swim Whisperers® is our unique program designed to address the underlying problems not the symptoms
  • Camps that offer children extra support than what a traditional camp would provide. Children with a variety of abilities participate alongside peers and siblings
  • Training via workshops and DVD’s for professionals and parents

Angelfish Background

The Beginning

Cindy and Ailene began working in Aquatic Therapy as an extension of their therapy businesses. They connected and a wonderful partnership was formed. Together they launched in the company Angelfish Therapy.

Filling a Need

After repeated request of numerous parents, the co- founders committed to developing a swim curriculum for all aquatic professionals. Striving to educate parents, caregivers, swim instructors, aquatic directors, swim school owners, on how to better work with children who have Autism, PDD-NOS and sensory processing issues.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Swim Whisperers® was designed to meet the needs of a growing population with these issues. According to a 2004 study, at least 1 in 20 children’s daily lives are affected by a Sensory Processing Disorder. The CDC released findings that raised estimates about the number of children in the U.S. with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis to 1 in 65.

Arming Our Children

According to the Red Cross: “About 3,500 Americans drown each year, averaging ten deaths per day. More than one in five fatal drowning victims are children 14 and younger.” What’s more, drowning has been identified as a leading cause of accidental death for children and adults with Autism. These are the statistics that keep us up at night, and motivated us to offer our Swim Whisperers program to all aquatic professionals and the swim community at large.

Education Too

Since 2010, Swim Angelfish has sold over 200 DVD’s nationwide and presented Aquatic Therapy and Swim Whisperers training in 3 different countries.

Some of Our Happy Clients

Swim Angelfish Founders

Ailene Tisser, MA PT
Ailene Tisser, MA PTFounder
Ailene Tisser, MA PT, is a NDT and play project certified pediatric physical therapist with 20+ years experience treating a variety of diagnoses, both in and out of the water.
Cindy Freedman, MOTR, CTRS
Cindy Freedman, MOTR, CTRSFounder
Cindy Freedman, MOTR, CTRS, is a pediatric occupational and recreational therapist with 20+ years of TRS experience treating a variety of diagnoses with specialty in INPP reflex repatterining and Halliwick certified.