Question: Can I Register Online?

Currently, you cannot register online, but you can look to see if there are open upcoming sessions in your area and “request” that time slot. Connecticut & New York Registration Form Massachusetts & New Hampshire Registration Form Other States Registration Form Be aware that a spot my be open for this week, but may not [...]

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Question: What Types of Instructor Training Do You Offer?

We offer several types of instructor training. Visit our Angelfish Training page for more information about our full-day training workshops, both for aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers training. And keep returning to the website or sign up for our newsletter to be alerted about our Swim Whisperers training videos, coming in November!

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Question: When Are Your Sessions Held?

We perform therapy all week long and all year long, at various times. Please review our Pool Locations page to get a better idea of where we offer service, and on which days, then Contact Us, so that we can find a session time that will work with your schedule.

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Question: What is Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is treatment performed in the water by qualified physical and occupational therapists, to aid in the restoration, extension, and maintenance of an individual’s quality function. In the past, aquatic therapy was primarily considered an effective rehabilitation tool for those with physical injuries or chronic illness — using the buoyancy of the water to [...]

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Question: What is Swim Whisperers?

Swim Whisperers is Angelfish Therapy’s swim instruction program aimed at all kinds of children, but particularly those who might experience limited or no success learning to swim through traditional methods. In short, the goal of Swim Whisperers is to turn any child into a confident and independent swimmer, no matter what their situation or condition [...]

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