Are Your Sessions Private or Group?

For both aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers, we offer Private, Semi-Private (2 children), or Group (3-4) sessions. Generally, children start with private sessions to establish basic skills, then work their way up to semi-private and group sessions, which offer increased social interaction benefits.

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When and Where Are Your Sessions Held?

We perform therapy all week long and all year long at various times and locations. For both aquatic therapy and Swim Whisperers, we have agreements with pools in Fairfield (CT) and Westchester (NY) County, and the Boston area.  Please review our Pool Locations page to get a better idea of where and when we offer [...]

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What is Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is performed by specially trained Physical therapists and Occupational therapists. We use the therapeutic properties of the water to enhance our treatment and provide core strengthening, increased flexibility and range of motion, integrate primitive reflexes, improve coordination, improve dynamic balance and promote sensory integration.

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What is Swim Whisperers Swim Lessons?

Swim Whisperers® swim instruction is based on the Swim Angelfish Methodology. Our instructors assess and identify the underlying problem the swimmer is having learning to swim, and then implement the strategies they need to overcome these roadblocks. In short, the goal of Swim Whisperers® is to turn any child into a confident and independent swimmer, [...]

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