Swim Angelfish is devoted to helping children of all abilities learn how to swim faster and with less discomfort than traditional swim methods since 2000.

But don’t just take our word for it.  See what our certification users have to say about our program!

“After having been in the industry for over a decade and seeing many instructors I have to say that you literally shine! You have this beautiful energy that just makes me smile and makes the kids feel safe- like everything is going to be alright- even if we are doing something a little uncomfortable right now. I’m so impressed with the way you created a program from scratch, a program that is so very much essential for today’s population.

There are many people who can teach- but few have the awareness and ability to transfer their methodology and teaching to others. You are a true teacher through and through. From the children you teach to the adults you train it’s easy to see how this is your calling and your passion.”

Zahava Shapiro, The Swim Club
“Our facility offers swim lessons for children of all ability levels. The Swim Instructors are SAI certified, but we felt that we needed to provide additional training for staff who work with children with special needs. In order to best meet the needs of our children and offer the best program possible, we were thrilled to learn the Swim Angelfish methods.
These methods allowed us to better communicate with our kids and to learn to listen to what they say whether verbal or non-verbal. Without Swim Angelfish, our kids would not progress through our swim lesson program with the skill and proficiency that they have. “
“I bought your DVD’s 3 years ago and they opened my mind with brand new strategies for my special needs kids. In Italy special needs kid have lots of attention and state resources at school ( we don’t have special schools since mid ’70’s because the philosophy is all kids must stay together), but we still have low culture about swimming even if three quarter of our country has seaside and in Europe we are at first place for drowning of kids and not only the disabled ones.
Nevertheless, I live in north of Italy so things are little better. Possibilities to learn training program are very few, swimming Italian federation don’t care about improving knowledge of his instructors about this issues, so if you wanna learn you have to study abroad. Your training program gave me much more knowledge and growing awareness and when I use these strategies I realize that the successful goals my kid are gaining are directly related to those ones. Kid are happy to come to swimming pool even those who were petrified by water at the beginning, parents are very thankful of the progress of their kids and their joy of the experience into the water, my director and the swimming school coordinator appreciate my job… so I think everything is going well! Thank you very much”