Swimming with Down Syndrome: Sensory Input for a Splashing Success

October is Down Syndrome awareness month and a perfect time to discover new tips for continued swim success. Swimmers of all types benefit from the pool, but individuals with Down Syndrome often find the pool to be a special place of inclusion, fitness, and social experiences. In this blog, we discuss some general characteristics of Down Syndrome and how they pertain to the water and then take a deep dive into two types of sensory profiles.

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How to Overcome a Traumatic Water Experience

Is it possible to learn to swim after a traumatic water experience? Merely driving by a body of water may make you feel uneasy; entering the water again can be challenging, scary, even feel impossible. Stories from parents aligned with Families United to Prevent Drowning or NDPA are tragic, unexpected accidents and successful saves that [...]

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Make a Waterproof Visual Schedule

TIPS FOR USING A VISUAL SCHEDULE • Use these PECS photos to create a swim lesson plan that gives visual support for some or all of a session. Eventually you will want to decrease visual supports when possible. • Allow options for activities that support the techniques and strategies for [...]

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Training Webinar: Equipment for your Swimmers with Autism

Swim Angelfish Live - Equipment Webinar Are you wondering what equipment we use?  Need some new techniques for your existing equipment to use with your special needs swimmers?  Look no further. Free Training Webinar Watch the July 2017 Newsletter: Using Visual Schedule To Decrease Anxiety. For more information, tips and tricks, follow [...]

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Familiarize with Rescue Equipment

Familiarize Your Child With Common Rescue Equipment Drowning is the leading cause of death for children with Autism.  Unfortunately, part of the reason for an unsuccessful save for a child with autism comes from one of the roadblocks that we've identified in our training program:  "I CAN'T TOUCH THAT".  This roadblock can [...]

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How Swim Therapy Exhibits Results Outside of the Pool

Swim Angelfish swimming lessons go far beyond getting children with special needs comfortable in the water. While learning to swim and interact with water is the evident part of swimming lessons, the benefits of swimming for special needs children transcend the pool. Below are some of the many ways swimming has a positive impact on [...]

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