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How Swim Therapy Exhibits Results Outside of the Pool

Swim Angelfish swimming lessons go far beyond getting children with special needs comfortable in the water. While learning to swim and interact with water is the evident part of swimming lessons, the benefits of swimming for special needs children transcend the pool. Below are some of the many ways swimming has a positive impact on [...]

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How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy is designed to help children with special needs develop everyday skills. What is their occupation? Playing, learning, eating, socially interacting, brushing their teeth—all these things are important for children to learn. With occupational therapy, we help your child reach their highest potential by teaching them how to participate in normal activities most [...]

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4 Ways Swim Therapy Can Benefit Someone with Special Needs

Recreational therapy is rising to become one of the most popular and effective methods of assisting both children and adults who have special needs, whether mental or physical. This type of therapy can include activities such as art, sports, music, swimming, activities, and more. Recreational therapy makes improving fun while addressing the physical, social, cognitive, [...]

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September Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly newsletter content, video and quiz. This is designed to continue our education in adding strategies to our toolbox for continued success. These monthly newsletters can be shared with your entire aquatic team as they could provide tips for typical swimmer in private and group lessons. This month we will be “putting it all together” by taking a look at the progress of one swimmer from the live video session.

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