Question: How do I renew my certification?

There is a $99.00 fee to take the exam. The exam is 50 questions related to the 24 newsletter subscription strategies that you have added to your tool box.

Question: Can I share the E-learing with my staff?

You cannot share the E-learing because you are using that to get certified. Each person that wants to get certified must pay the $399.00 and pass the exam to become certified.

Question: Can I share the monthly newsletter subscription?

Yes this is to be used for your certified Swim Angelfish special needs instructor and can be shared with your aquatic team.

Question: What happens if I do not keep my automatic subscription to the monthly newsletter?

You will no longer have E-learning access and you will not learn new strategies monthly.

Question: Do you have advanced training I can attend?

Webinars will be announced only for certified Swim Angelfish instructors as an option to pay for additional education.

Question: Can I come and visit the host location in New England?

Certified swim instructors will have an option for mentorship with a fee determined for each unique situation.

Question: Will you come to my facility to work with my certified staff?

The co-founders or a Swim Angelfish team member will negotiate site visits on an individual basis.

Question: How long is my certification valid for?

Two Years

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