What are Angelfish Camps?

Swim Angelfish offers a unique camp to provide recreational experiences for children that need extra support beyond what a traditional camp would provide.  Children with a variety of abilities participate alongside peers and siblings



We appreciate your attendance throughout the years and hope this experience has helped to prepare your child for other camp settings within your community. Thank you for the time you’ve shared with us!

Angelfish Camps

Camp Move to Learn – Greenwich Catholic School in Greenwich, CT

Camp Move to Learn is a day camp opportunity for children to participate in a small nurturing camp-like setting. Children of all abilities participate in a group of 6, and move through the day participating in sports, recreation and other specialty instruction. Children will also get the opportunity to swim twice a day using the same methodologies we use in our Swim Angelfish program.

Activities in the morning are structured for achieving movement that would be typically challenging and often not achieved. Children will skip, hop, jump, perform obstacle courses, scooter games, trampolines, teamwork, and social games. At the beginning and end of each room there is a social component fostering increased self-esteem and confidence. The afternoon allows an opportunity for children to navigate to a larger group setting to work on sports skill acquisition. Activities of soccer, basketball, tennis, whiffle ball, frisbee, lacrosse, crafts and board games are accomplished. There are also daily morning and afternoon specialty instructions that include swimming, yoga, karate, hip-hop dancing, music and drumming.

  • MOVERS: Limited to 35 participants.  Children must me able to independently participate in a small group of 6, with behavior that can be redirected easily by our staff.   Camp consists of 2-3 morning/afternoon activities along with many opportunities for social skill acquisition.
  • LEARNERS: Limited to 15 participants.  Children participate with a one on one companion or a shared companion to manage movement or behaviors. Camp consists of 2-3 morning/afternoon activities along with many opportunities for social skill acquisition.   We will individualize and organize this group to meet the needs of the 15 campers.
  • SIBLINGS/COUSINS: Limited to 15 participants.  Typical children can attend camp with their friend, sibling, or cousin for a discount of 10% off total tuition.  These campers will have the opportunity to enjoy the camp day and all the activities with the Movers and Learners.
PLEASE NOTE: As a private special needs camp, we reserve the rights to make the final decision whether a child is appropriate to participate as an Mover or Learner and a Starfish or an Angelfish camper at either of our camps. In order to come to camp as a Mover, your child must not engage in any unsafe behavior towards themselves, staff, or other children, they must be easily re-directable by the staff that is assigned to them as their counselors. If a child comes to camp as a Mover and has episodes of behavior that we deem non-redirect-able and/or unsafe, we can re-evaluate and re-consider their enrollment as a Mover or Starfish camper at our camp. If all options are exhausted, we reserve the rights to terminate their enrollment in our camp, issuing a full refund to the family or 3rd party paying. Our mission is to keep all campers reaching their fullest potential while keeping them engaged and safe at all times.